At Aloeshop we are specialists in natural cosmetics based on aloe vera and the latest generation of all of them, we have been treating the skin with PHYTOCOSMETICS for more than 20 years, therefore, we bring you the best  facial treatments to care for the skin of your face simple. Enjoy the best products of  natural cosmetics  and applied phytocosmetics. 

Caring for the skin of your face with the Aloe Shop facial treatment will allow you to improve its appearance, thanks to the large number of benefits of organic aloe vera and the combination of assets, created exclusively for your skin, both for the face and of the whole body. 

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Benefits of facial treatment with aloe vera

Aloe vera has astringent, moisturizing, regenerating, renewing, rejuvenating and antibacterial properties, among others. For this reason, the Aloe Shop facial treatment with aloe vera will bring numerous benefits to your skin: 

  • With its astringent properties, aloe vera achieves a deep cleansing of the skin in all its layers. With our cleansers , you can see how your skin looks much healthier and brighter due to this deep cleansing. 
  • If you notice your skin is dry or cracked, aloe vera is a great moisturizer. Whether in cream or gel format, you can use this facial to deeply hydrate the skin of your entire face. 
  • To prevent the first symptoms of aging from appearing on the skin, aloe vera is a great rejuvenator of skin tissues, stimulating and strengthening collagen and elastin fibers.
  • Aloe vera's antibacterial properties make it a great acne facial . Reduces scars and signs of the skin, while relieving the discomfort of this condition. 
  • If you've had a long time in the sun, aloe vera is also a great relief for burns and redness on the skin. 

Buy facial treatment online

If you need a facial for any of the above cases, you will find it within the wide catalog of Aloe Shop. With natural products made with aloe vera and other natural products such as rose hip or argan oil. 

If you have questions when purchasing a facial at Aloe Shop, you can contact us by sending an email to or by calling 667-672-406 . We will be happy to help you as soon as possible.