" HAPPY OLOR" Corporal

"HAPPY OLORS", that's what we call our Body, Bath and body treatments line. 

We want your body to enjoy our scents, and especially our APPLIED PHYTOSCOPICS, for body treatments, whether for the Bath or for your body. 

We offer you a highly studied and formulated line with latest generation assets, to nourish, hydrate, regenerate, protect and aromatize your skin. 

Assets like organic Aloe vera, which we have been using in Aloe Shop since 1994, now we have improved all our formulations and have completed the body line. From body BALMS that will melt into your rapidly absorbing skin, body BUTTERS with oils brought from different parts of the world such as Sacha Inchi Oil, INCAS oil, or raspberry oil rich in VITAMINS to provide luminosity and smoothness to your skin.

Bath gels with moisturizing, revitalizing and nourishing active principles. With natural surfactants derived from Coconut. They will leave your skin soft and flavored.

Care to look toned and hydrated your hands and feet.

And as a novelty our BODY MIST, instant moisturizer, quickly absorbed and very very refreshing. 

All this flavored, with perfumes without allergens, COCONUTS, VANILLA, CHERRY, APRICOT, ORANGE, ROSES, LAVENDER, and much more ... 


Buy phytocosmetics, natural body cosmetics online

If you need novel body treatments for any of the above cases, you will find it within the wide catalog of Aloe Shop. With natural products made with aloe vera and other natural assets such as rose hip or argan oil. 

If you have any doubts when purchasing a phytocosmetic in Aloe Shop, you can contact us by sending an email to  aloeshop@aloeshop.com  or calling 667-672-406 . We will be happy to help you as soon as possible.