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Take care of your hair with natural phytocosmetics

At Aloe shop we are specialized in designing formulations to protect hair with essential vegetable oils that nourish and strengthen hair. In addition, its properties will help you care for and protect the scalp from any problem, while leaving hair soft and very silky.

Our shampoos do not contain LESS, nor strong surfactants, it is formulated with natural mild surfactants, derived from coconut, it does not foam too much, since the foaming components that contain the vast majority of traditional shampoos are capillary and dermatological abrasives. At Aloe Shop we care about taking care of the health of all your skin, including the scalp. 

aloe vera shampoo

Buy shampoo and hair serum aloe vera online

In the Aloe Shop online store you can get a small line of aloe vera shampoo and a specific treatment for the tips and shine naturally.  

At Aloe Shop we are at your disposal to answer any questions that may arise when buying  aloe vera hair treatments To contact us you can send us an email to  or call us at  667-672-406 .