"HAPPY OLORS" Organic Aloe Vera Bath Gels

Aloe shop has created a line of Bath Gels and bar soaps with exquisite aromas of cherry, peppermint, coconut, vanilla and many more. With soft textures and with natural active ingredients. APPLIED PHYTOCOSMETICS, Without aggressive preservatives, natural surfactants derived from coconut, vegetable oils rich in fatty acids such as olive oil. Much more than a bath gel. Take care of your skin with our NEW bath gels you will see the difference and their aromas will make you drunk. All are beneficial properties for your skin and that of your whole family, for this reason, we recommend these NEW BATH GELS and SOAPS IN TABLETS. Nourishes, hydrates and regenerates all the layers of your skin to keep it clean and healthy throughout the day.

At Aloeshop we have been specialists in products with organic aloe vera since 1994 for the care of your whole body.