Cosmetics and Natural Nutrition with ALOE VERA

In a world like today, taking care of our health has gained vital importance and therefore, more and more people decide to consume natural products to take care of their health, improve and maintain their appearance.

 Proof of this is that terms such as "Pure", "Bio", "Natural", "Ecological", are increasingly sought by consumers in all types of products.

 From facial, body, hair treatments to nutritional supplements: the natural has ceased to be a fad to become a market trend, thus emerging a new healthier and natural lifestyle.

 Aloe Shop is the Spanish brand dedicated to 100% Natural Cosmetics and Nutrition based on the ALOE VERA plant.

 Our extensive experience has led us to market references with a high degree of success and acceptance by those who are now Aloe Shop customers.

 Thus, you not only have the opportunity to enter a thriving sector, but you can also have the privilege of being part of a Spanish business project, of prestige and in constant boom.



Founded in 1994, Aloe Shop is the pioneer brand in the sale of organic cosmetics from Aloe Vera with ecological certification. With different points of sale within the national territory. After several years, the company is perfectly integrated and developed in a current framework of technology and research without losing its spirit of artisanal manufacturing, capable of offering the seriousness and professional rigor that our clients seek and growing on the pillars of the commitments that acquired from the beginning. Commitments that our users deserve when trusting our natural cosmetics.

 Our principles are acquired by the staff of our company, who ensure compliance and support with their enthusiasm every process that helps to improve our daily work.

 All departments are important and necessary and we form a multidisciplinary team that watches at all times for the client's well-being and product safety.

 Great professionals who see Aloe Shop much more than a job, it is a project and a creation of all.

 Aloe Shop is the best option to take care of your skin, quality and safety in our cosmetics.

 In a society in which, more and more, the care of the body prevails but always on the basis of the benefits that natural treatments provide, Aloe Shop is undoubtedly your brand.

 Our products are backed by our own laboratories and specialized in natural cosmetics for more than 20 years. Our formulas are exclusive and created with the greatest number of natural assets and mainly our Aloe vera with ecological certification.

 If you want to be part of a large family, vital, active and that adapts to the new needs of beauty and care that society constantly raises, do not hesitate, and join: Aloe Shop.