ALOE VERA is a plant in the lily family. Its benefits have been known since ancient times and its multiple and very varied applications.

There are many and very varied types of Aloe Vera that exist but only one, ALOE BARBADENSIS MILLER, is the type of Aloe that preserves the more than 250 beneficial substances for the human body. Keep in mind that although the Gel that is extracted from this plant can help us fight, and even improve, many ailments should never be considered as a medicine, so it must be used always following the instructions established in each product and, in case disease, should not be replaced by adequate medical treatment.

Over the years, Aloe Shop has proven the effectiveness of this plant to combat inflammation, scars, warts, burns or to regenerate the skin. For all this, more than one hundred references have been developed, all of them with high percentages of Aloe Vera in its formulation, with great acceptance in the market and with great results. There is a reason we are present in the market since 1994.

However, there are certain necessary aspects that must be taken into account when mentioning ALOE VERA and its benefits:

  • To achieve a significant improvement it is necessary to apply a significant amount of ALOE VERA in the area to be treated. As a natural substance, the greater the exposure of the damaged area to the product, the better the results. This is why Aloe Shop products include such high percentages of ALOE VERA in their composition, which undoubtedly demonstrates the quality of our products.
  • It is as important that the amount of ALOE VERA used is generous as the number of applications. You have to be constant and apply the different products composed of ALOE VERA as many times as indicated in each case.
  • ALOE VERA is a plant in the lily family such as leeks, onions or garlic, and apparently has no side effects. But it is necessary that, before the application of a product, it is tested on a small area of ​​the skin to verify its results. If any type of harmful reaction appears, do not apply the product.


Considering the above, some applications of the ALOE VERA are the following:

  • ALLERGIES / ASTHMA: Cases of allergy to ALOE VERA have been rarely detected. However, it is very common to use it on the skin to combat the symptoms of various allergic reactions.
  • Studies show that great relief is achieved by vacuuming the vapors from the gel.
  • ACNE / GRAINS AND CLAYS: To achieve a good result it is necessary to keep the face clean of impurities. Then you have to use Aloe Gel to get the granites to dry. In some cases it is necessary to be more constant than in others, depending on the type of skin and the amount of pimples, but in both cases, the skin is deflated and the number of pimples is reduced.
  • SCRATCHES / SCRATCHES AND IRRITATIONS: After cleaning the area we can apply Pure Aloe Gel. Its great healing capacity will make the scratch stop bleeding and close quickly. In the case of irritations, relief is observed almost immediately after application of the product.
  • BABIES AND CHILDREN: Also in this type of skin we can apply Pure Gel. It is very suitable for diaper rubbing irritations.
  • HAIR LEATHER PROBLEMS (LOSS, DANDRUFF, FAT AND BREAKAGE): Applying a good amount of Pure Aloe on the scalp before each wash, we strengthen our hair, and thus avoid its fall and breakage.
  • SCARS (OPERATIONS, POSTPARTUM): ALOE VERA is an excellent cellular regenerator. For this reason it is a very powerful natural scar. In those cases where it is needed, apply a generous amount to the area to be treated.
  • AFTER SHAVING OR HAIR REMOVAL: When we remove the beauty, the skin becomes irritated because it is causing aggression on it. ALOE VERA applied in these areas has been shown to calm and deflate very quickly. In addition, the person feels a pleasant sensation of freshness.
  • TOOTHACHE AND HEAD PAIN: If we have toothache or head pain, we can apply a significant amount of ALOE VERA on a handkerchief and apply it to the affected area. Inflammation and pain will be reduced. But, in this case, it will be necessary to go to a specialist.
  • ECCEMAS: To notice improvement you have to apply the Pure Gel on the eczema and leave it to act until you notice that it deflates. In these cases, you have to be very constant and apply the Gel several times a day.
  • PREGNANCES: Pure Aloe Gel must be applied during and after pregnancy so that the skin has flexibility, does not crack and unsightly stretch marks appear.
  • BLEEDING GUMS: At first, apply the Gel to the gums several times a day, then, when they have stopped bleeding, maintain the exposure at least once a day. Complement it with a toothpaste suitable for this type of ailment.
  • FORUNCULUM: Apply a good amount of Aloe Gel on the boil and cover it with gauze. After a while the boil will open and expel the dirt. Later, after cleaning it, reapply the Gel so that it heals and closes.
  • HEMORRHOIDS: Applying Pure Gel on hemorrhoids reduces inflammation. Provides great relief.
  • LIP HERPES: Previously wash the affected area and apply the Gel. Its action will decrease inflammation and annoying itching sensation.
  • FUNGI OR ATHLETE'S FOOT: Washing the area and applying the Pure Gel regularly will not only prevent its appearance but we will prevent them from reappearing since this plant has antibacterial action. It can be applied to the feet to avoid Athlete's Foot and even in intimate areas.
  • SOLAR BURNS, SPOTS OR FREAKS: It is an excellent cellular regenerator so it is essential to combat burns. In addition, to calm and deflate our skin after sun exposure, it is able to nourish and hydrate it, preventing it from peeling. Its constant use prevents spots or freckles from becoming very visible in summer, although they will not disappear, if they will be less noticeable.
  • MOSQUITOES BITES, INSECTS: Its soothing action will reduce itching and deflate the area.
  • TIRED MUSCLES AND FEET: If we apply Pure Gel, especially cold, we will notice great relief in our muscles and feet. All thanks to its enormous calming and anti-inflammatory capacity.
  • PSORIASIS: It is a difficult disease to eradicate. Aloe Gel applied to the area to be treated reduces inflammation and improves its appearance.