PARABENS free cosmetics

At Aloe Shop we are specialists in natural cosmetics produced with aloe vera, so all our paraben-free cosmetics will help take care of the skin of your entire body. Our production is artisanal, so we can guarantee that our products are ecological. 

Parabens are chemicals frequently used in the cosmetic industry due to their preservative properties. However, they can be negative for the skin such as allergies, redness or irritations. The cosmetics without parabens help preserve the natural pH of your skin. 

In the wide range of Aloe Shop you can find a wide variety of cosmetics without parabens : pure aloe vera gel , facials , body hygiene products  and much more. Do not miss the opportunity to know our products. 

Benefits of PARABENS free cosmetics

The cosmetics without parabens are organic products, which are kept in perfect condition with natural preservatives. Therefore, they are much healthier for your skin and for the environment, since no chemical products are used in their manufacture. 

The components of this type of products are much more related to the natural components of our skin, therefore, it is less frequent that they produce allergies, redness or irritations on the skin.

These natural cosmetics regenerate and hydrate the skin more effectively thanks to their similarity to the natural components of our skin.