After several years, the company is perfectly integrated and developed in a current framework of technology and research without losing its spirit of HANDMADE AND HANDMADE manufacturing , capable of offering seriousness and professional rigor to all of you, we will always grow on the pillars of the commitments that were made from the beginning. Commitments that deserve your trust in our ALOESHOP Phyto-cosmetics. 

We also want to thank all the staff that ensure good work, support and enthusiasm in each process and improvement of daily work.

We use only raw materials of extraordinary quality and with guarantee certificates from our suppliers, with certifications of NO TESTING ON ANIMALS, ECOLOGICAL AND SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION and above all TEST OF EFFECTIVENESS OF RAW MATERIALS , to be able to develop and ensure the effectiveness of the product final.

From the reception to its total transformation, we demand that they have gone through rigorous studies carried out by our team to GUARANTEE the GOOD MANNER OF MANUFACTURE, thus ensuring that the production chain and our commitment to all of you are not broken.