Our philosophy is to use everything that nature offers us as well as transmit the advantages that daily use of natural phyto-cosmetics have: infinite and extraordinary benefits for the health of our skin while respecting the environment.

Non-aggressive phyto-cosmetics for skin based on plants and vegetable oils.
Phyto-cosmetics with immediate results after constant use: silk skin, luminous skin, radiant skin, well-groomed skin, healthy skin.
Phyto-cosmetic that strengthens and improves the functions of the epidermis .
Phyto-cosmetic that has no side effects so it does not produce allergies.
Natural plant and natural phyto-cosmetics, without cheating or promises that we cannot keep.
Plant and natural phyto-cosmetics with as many natural assets as possible.

Phyto-cosmetics of superior quality at affordable prices that allow daily use thanks to our policy of sharing what belongs to everyone, NATURE, and having our own laboratories.


We want to enhance the great value of true natural cosmetics, PHYTO-COSMETICS compared to conventional cosmetics for the care and health of our skin, transmit a cosmetic without perfumes loaded with allergens, or harmful chemical agents that also have expired efficiency.


Does not contain parabens

Does not contain aluminum.

Does not contain pesticide for growing plants, flowers etc.

Does not perform any tests on animals.

It does not elaborate polluting processes. Only artisan and handmade processes.

Does not contain mineral oils or materials derived from animals.

We seek  the most natural alternative in response to people seeking harmony and balance between beauty, nature and health.

ALOE SHOP FITO-COSMÉTICA   frames all these attributes and represents in itself the essence of NATURE.



Take care of your skin, it's natural ...

ALOE SHOP means, nature, 100% care, purity, essence, harmony, efficacy, energy,   health and balance for the skin.