The history

It all started thanks to the concerns that my sister Pilar and I, Blasi, had, and she has been doing all this for more than 20 years and, as the story says, “there were once sisters who wanted to fulfill their dreams ...”

In our family there are strong women, and we were not going to be less, we are deeply rooted in the fields, in the olive trees, vineyards and orchards of our La Mancha family. Although born in Valencia. Always surrounded by nature and linked from our childhood to natural customs as remedies that worked absolutely for everything.

After working for third parties and acquiring important experience in this field, our entrepreneurial attitude led us to start a particular journey distributing raw materials for pharmacies as well as plant extracts for their master formulas based on plant extracts, which we brought from France. 

It was from then on, when we knew the benefits of nature in full: Aloe vera, chamomile, marigold, milk thistle, Horsetail, Asian Centelle etc. We decided to create from nature a phyto-cosmetic as natural as possible, even biological, capable of benefiting our clients in a natural and very healthy way, as it had been done all life but improved, with the knowledge acquired in successive research and courses. that we did during some years of cosmetology.

We had already obtained the support of clients from all over the national territory, who saw in us the best alternative to their needs, as well as a benchmark of honesty, nature, health, quality and know-how.

It was these and word of mouth that helped us grow, since not only our natural and biological Phyto-cosmetics superseded any competing product, but we are different from many manufacturers, our desire to contribute to health through of these phyto-cosmetics, also finding satisfaction in offering them at fair prices, without abusing.

So in 1994 a line was developed in our laboratories under the ALOE SHOP brand, one of our favorite clients, because thanks to this brand, we work and incorporate into all our creations the ALOE VERA ECOLOGICAL, imported from TEXAS (USA), for 8 years We were its faithful manufacturers until we decided to stay with the brand, it was like our first big son, and we are in it, seeing him grow little by little, with great enthusiasm, with many ups and downs, but we continue and will continue. Our desire to work and offer creations so that everyone knows our PHYTO-COSMETICS, unique and essential for day to day.

"We fulfill and we will fulfill our dreams ..."

Thank you all

Blasi and Pilar