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Aloe, Lavender and Chamomile Lotion


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    Aloe, Lavender and Chamomile Lotion

    Aloe, Lavender and Chamomile Lotion

    Essential After-Shave lotion allows to regenerate and deeply hydrate the skin after shaving. 

    Refresh and breathe "Natural cosmetics to look handsome and feel good"

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    Essential After-Shave lotion allows to regenerate and deeply hydrate the skin after shaving. 

    Refresh and breathe "Natural cosmetics to look handsome and feel good"

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    Organic Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion, Lavender and Chamomile. 

    Essential After-Shave lotion allows to regenerate and hydrate the skin in depth after shaving , relieving and avoiding dry skin.

    Organic Aloe Vera, Lavender and Chamomile   an exclusive light and quickly absorbed formula. Allergen-free perfume with a touch of lavender that will leave a soft scent on the skin. Perfect skin.

    • ALOE VERA ECOLOGICAL: Regenerates the skin slowing down premature aging, tightens the skin.
    • LAVENDER HYDROLATE: Refreshing, antiseptic, anti-microbial. 
    • VEGETABLE GLYCERINE: Moisturizing moisturizer.
    • CHAMOMILE EXTRACT: Anti-inflammatory, soothing, activator of circulation.
    • ALANTOINA: Healing, moisturizing, regenerating, renewing. 
    • CORN SUGAR PROPANEDIOL: Moisturizing softening moisturizer
    • VITAMIN E: Antioxidant, free anti-radicals, anti-wrinkles.

    Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Glycerin, Lavanda angustifolia flower water extract, Propanediol, Allantoine, Matricaria chamomille extract, Benzyl alcohol, Benzoic acid, Perfum, Dehydroacetic acid, Citric acid, Cellulose gum, Linalool, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Tocopheryl acetate.


    Organic Aloe Vera LOTION, Lavender, Chamomile, Allantoin and vitamins. 

    The gentleman's skin is attacked daily with shaving, or now that the beard is back, with possible microbes that adhere to facial hair. So today gentleman's skin care is necessary. 

    Regular shaving makes a gentleman's skin more stressed, on average each gentleman shaves more than 15,000 times in his life. This makes the skin more sensitive and its reaction to external agents is faster. 

    Shaving affects the skin mainly causing irritations, cuts, infections, etc. Shaving removes the top layer of cells, leaving the skin free and its sensitivity increases. Up to 50% of men have problems related to shaving. If you don't take care of your skin and clean and treat it well, it will become much more sensitive every time. 

    Blade shaving places much more stress on the skin, providing razor-related skin problems.

    Regarding the gentlemen who have decided to leave the beard , it is also necessary to take care of it and much more than a hair-free skin. The beard is prone to microbes and pollutants. It should be washed daily and disinfected, in this case with our Aloe vera LOTION from Aloe shop, or with the gentleman facial Mist indicated for this too. 

    However, many of our clients do is put a couple of dosages of premium Aloe shop in the palm of their hands and add 1 drop of Australian tea tree Aloe shop, which gives the beard hydration and disinfection. Aloe shop premium aloe gel, acts as a gel that fixes hydration but leaves no residue, no stickiness, and no shiny appearance. 

    In short, many tips we could give and we will be giving in our Blog for the care of men's skin. 

    How to use our lotion: 

    After shaving, spray and spread over the entire face and neck, gently massage until completely absorbed. There is nothing greasy, it DOES NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL , it does not itch. Leaves skin soft and hydrated. prepared to apply the desired treatment of your Aloe shop ritual. 

    For those who have a beard: Spray the beard and comb, leave it to act. A soft, residue-free beard.

    Topical use 

    Keep out of the reach of children. 

    PHYTOCOSMETICS APPLIED nature on your skin

    ALOE VERA ECOLOGICAL Extract 200: 1

    The chemical composition of this plant is amazing, there are several types of aloe but the essential one is  ALOE BARBADENSIS MILLER .  Researchers from around the world have spent years studying the benefits of this plant, they say that it is the richest plant in properties and of great biological value, that exists.

    Today known throughout the world, its history is quite long, since over the years it has been used from civilization to civilization. The Bible spoke of aloe, in Greece it was in the herbalists of the 1st century AD The Chinese were the first to use it, the Egyptians had aloe vera as a frequently used remedy and they say that the Spanish were the ones who brought aloe to America during the conquest .

    Summarizing the medicinal virtues that this plant discovered on the African continent has, it is well known for its high therapeutic power.

    By means of biochemical analysis, the components of this plant have been determined, knowing that its active ingredients are highly penetrating and have a high antiseptic and antimicrobial power, thus fighting viruses and bacteria that harm our body, offering extraordinary results both for internal and external use. . It contains more than 250 active substances such as vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, anthraquinones, monosaccharides, polysaccharides and enzymes. In Aloe shop we use the one with the highest concentration 200: 1 (out of every 200 kilos of plants a 1kg of pure extract is extracted), through biological processes for ecological consideration.

    Its moisturizing, regenerating, protective, calming, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antioxidant properties and much more make this plant unique in the world . 

    VITAMIN E (Acts on wrinkles, blemishes, regenerating)

    The term vitamin E describes a family of eight related fat-soluble molecules, of which alpha-tocopherol has the highest biological activity and is the most abundant in the human body. Its main function in cells is to act as an antioxidant, protecting them from a series of highly reactive chemical agents called free radicals, which can attack and inactivate a wide variety of biomolecules, including proteins, nucleic acids and lipids.

    This vitamin traps free radicals present in cell membranes. The accumulation of damage caused by free radicals is one of the most probable causes of the aging process.

    Oxygen is a powerful oxidizing agent capable of inducing the generation of free radicals, hence the skin, being directly exposed to oxygen in the air, is particularly prone to the damage they cause. For this reason, there is a PERFECT NETWORK of antioxidant systems in the skin responsible for neutralizing the damage induced by the generation of free radicals, of which vitamin E is the most important.

    It turns out to be beneficial to treat photo dermatitis.

    Vitamin E aids the healing process; in sunburn treatments as a protector, scars, stretch marks, acne and wrinkles, accelerating cell regeneration. Helps maintain the skin's natural moisture. It acts as an antioxidant and supports and protects the antioxidant action of vitamin C.

    Its action strengthens the connective tissue, favors vascularization in it, favors skin regeneration and prevents the formation of wrinkles and senile spots.


    Vegetable glycerin with a purity of 99%, derived from coconut, this asset is a great moisturizer, so its moisturizing effect is visible, it maintains the water level of the skin. Lubricant and natural vehicle that helps and achieves a greater penetration of assets.



    from organic farming - 100% natural and pure

    Lavender angustifolia hydrolate is known for its use in many formulas, it can be used pure. Its main properties are especially indicated for oily skin, skin with acne, skin with black pores, sebum regulator for both skin and hair, refreshing, anti-inflammatory, soothing, antiseptic and many more. Its aroma intoxicates and leaves skin very soft.

    Lavandula angustifolia water 

    Method of obtaining: steam distillation of floral tops of organic Lavender officinalis

    It contains natural allergens and the main one is linalool.


    Corn Sugar or Propanediol is a natural and highly pure colorless glycol, derived from a sustainable and renewable corn sugar fermentation process. It has many functions in cleaning formulations and deep hydration. In Aloe shop we have used it in our Micellar Waters, foams, boosters and others. Formulators who demand excellent performance and improved aesthetics from glycol are encouraging to try Corn Sugar or Propanediol and enjoy these benefits "naturally".

    This asset is made from 100% natural corn sugar and contains no preservatives, petroleum-based ingredients, or animal by-products.

    Comparisons and studies of increased hydration have been made by adding vegetable glycerin to propanediol. With this, much more hydration and anti-irritant action is achieved.

    Mixed with vegetable glycerin, it increases its effectiveness in hydration.


    Due to its essential oil content: Azulene, Adenic Acid, Carbohydrates, Resins and Gums, it gives magnificent results as a calming and anti-inflammatory agent. 

    Its content in azulene and bisabolol give it anti-inflammatory and antiflogesitic properties.

    Belonging to the element water and of negative polarity, this oil has decongestant properties, since it activates the lymphatic circulation and deflates by relaxation, while helping to avoid fluid retention. 
    Already in antiquity it was used by the Egyptians and later, in the 17th century, the botanist Culpeper mentioned it in his writings as ideal to eliminate fatigue and relieve pain. 
    Our grandmothers have always used chamomile tea as an antispasmodic or to counteract digestive problems (which is still widespread today). Its antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory capabilities make it appropriate, in adequate dilutions, for the treatment of psoriasis, rashes. , scrapes and all kinds of skin disorders.


    It is a white chemical compound whose formula is present in many plants and in allantoic and amniotic fluids, as well as in cow urine.   It is also a substance that we can find in certain healing plants.   It has prodigious properties to regenerate the skin. Its name comes from a structure attached to the umbilical cord of the mammals that produce it, called allantois.

    At Aloe shop we use a preparation that ensures a non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic raw material, as well as a safe ingredient and quality in its properties.


    Its use is recommended as one of the best healing agents, it is found as the main active ingredient in snail slime.   Irritated skin, soothing, anti-irritant, moisturizing and protective burns.

    This synthetic allantoin is indistinguishable from that obtained from plants, snails or urine, and has the same properties. For a chemist, there is no point in talking about natural or synthetic allantoin. They are both the same and only molecule.

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    Aloe, Lavender and Chamomile Lotion

    Aloe, Lavender and Chamomile Lotion

    Essential After-Shave lotion allows to regenerate and deeply hydrate the skin after shaving. 

    Refresh and breathe "Natural cosmetics to look handsome and feel good"

    Aloe, Lavender and Chamomile Lotion

    14,46 €