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Aloe, Yucca and Red Sage Eye Gel


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    Aloe, Yucca and Red Sage Eye Gel

    Aloe, Yucca and Red Sage Eye Gel

    Exclusive cosmetic to alleviate the tone of dark circles, bags and gesticulation wrinkles that appear over time. PERFUME FREE.

    A careful and perfect look "Natural cosmetics to get handsome and feel good"

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    Exclusive cosmetic to alleviate the tone of dark circles, bags and gesticulation wrinkles that appear over time. PERFUME FREE.

    A careful and perfect look "Natural cosmetics to get handsome and feel good"

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    Gel eye contour for men with organic aloe vera, cassava and red sage. PERFUME FREE.

    Exclusive cosmetic to alleviate the tone of dark circles, bags and gesticulation wrinkles that appear over time.

    Plants with properties that   hydrate, soothe and decongest the contour. Refreshing gel that prevents the formation of bags and wrinkles, regenerating the area, increasing the formation of collagen and elastin. Visible luminosity.

    Aloe Shop Eye Contour fights, corrects and alleviates the imperfections that the passage of time, stress, gesticulation and genetics generate in this delicate part of the skin. It acts on dark circles, bags, wrinkles, swelling, crow's feet, etc ...

    It is composed of a wide range of natural and complex herbal principles that, together, act to decongest, tone and promote the regulation of circulation that helps improve the elasticity of the veins and, ultimately, slows down premature aging. of the nasolabial and frown areas, both severely punished by the natural expression of the skin

    It acts in front of crow's feet. The lack of hydration and nutrition of our skin cause the appearance of these unsightly wrinkles. Using the Gel Eye Contour we will delay its appearance and disguise those that have already appeared.

    • ALOE VERA ECOLOGICAL: Moisturizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, tightening, nutrient, protector from the sun's rays.
    • ECOLOGICAL HAMAMELIS HYDROLATE: Its main components are Tannins and Flavonoids. Tannins have toning, astringent and healing action and Flavonoids are regulators of circulation, with hemostatic and vitamin action, improving the elasticity of the veins.
    • ECOLOGICAL LAVENDER HYDROLATE: Antiseptic, antimicrobial, moisturizing, refreshing. 
    • YUCCA : Anti-  wrinkle, lifting, moisturizing, filmogen. 
    • RED SALVIA: Bio-inspired active  ingredient, soothing concentrate derived from the roots of red sage, a Chinese medicinal plant that is very resistant to cold. Anti-irritant, soothing.
    • CALENDULA OLIGOSACCHARIDES: Epigenetic active.
    • HYALURONIC ACID APM: Extra moisturizing that maintains moisture in the dermis, high molecular weight.
    • HYALURONIC ACID BPM: Anti-wrinkle, protector and activator of the extracellular matrix, it penetrates to produce the matrix bases, such as collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, reinforcing our own hyaluronic acid.

    Ingredientes: Aqua, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, Hamamelis virginiana leaf water extract, Lavanda angustifolia flower extract, Glycerin, Butylene glycol, Cellulose gum, Sodium hyaluronate, Hydrolized manihot esculenta tuber extract, Caléndula officinalis flower extract, Salvia miltiorrhiza root extract, Benzyl alcohol, Tocopheryl acetate, Benzoic acid, Dehydroacetic acid.


    Gel eye contour for men with organic aloe vera, Cassava, Red sage, Oligosaccharides, Witch hazel, and lavender. 

    Eye Contour requires specific and intensive care and, on more mature skin, a more aggressive immediate shock effect. For this reason, it is recommended to use the Aloe Shop Eye Contour, since it pampers and palliates the effects of tiredness and the passage of time.

    1. It has a great moisturizing, regenerating and tightening power (with a lifting effect), and a powerful vitamin action that helps to improve the elasticity of the veins, which is why its daily use prevents the appearance of new wrinkles and hides existing ones.
    2. Lack of collagen and elastin can cause sagging skin. Aloe Shop Eye Contour provides both natural substances in small doses, preventing the skin from tending to "sag" and appear firmer. 
    3. It acts against crow's feet. The lack of hydration and nutrition of our skin cause the appearance of these unsightly wrinkles. Using the Eye Contour we will delay its appearance and disguise those that have already appeared.
    4. It has a decongestant, anti-inflammatory and blood flow stimulating effect. In this way, bags and dark circles are deflated and concealed significantly. Keep in mind that bags and dark circles are a consequence of weak and slow blood circulation, among other factors. Using the Aloe Shop Eye Contour we will stimulate the blood circulation of this area.
    5. Act in depth. Its high content in ALOE VERA crosses the dermis, epidermis and hypodermis, fighting and slowing the aging of the skin from the inside.
    6. Shea butter, vegetable oil rich in fatty acids, virgin beeswax, and stem cells have been incorporated. This makes the dryness of the eye contour look more nourished and with more luminosity, providing more elasticity. 

    An exclusive formulation for a careful and perfect look. State-of-the-art assets that treat the skin from within, and make us look younger. 

    Along with the Aloe Shop Gel Eye Contour for men, it is recommended to use one of the creams, according to the type of needs of each skin, as well as the chosen enhancer. 

    Apply by gently massaging with circulatory movements around the eyes.

    Topical use 

    Keep out of the reach of children.  

    PHYTOCOSMETICS APPLIED nature on your skin

    ALOE VERA ECOLOGICAL Extract 200: 1

    The chemical composition of this plant is amazing, there are several types of aloe but the essential one is  ALOE BARBADENSIS MILLER .  Researchers from around the world have spent years studying the benefits of this plant, they say that it is the richest plant in properties and of great biological value, that exists.

    Today known throughout the world, its history is quite long, since over the years it has been used from civilization to civilization. The Bible spoke of aloe, in Greece it was in the herbalists of the 1st century AD The Chinese were the first to use it, the Egyptians had aloe vera as a frequently used remedy and they say that the Spanish were the ones who brought aloe to America during the conquest .

    Summarizing the medicinal virtues that this plant discovered on the African continent has, it is well known for its high therapeutic power.

    By means of biochemical analysis, the components of this plant have been determined, knowing that its active ingredients are highly penetrating and have a high antiseptic and antimicrobial power, thus fighting viruses and bacteria that harm our body, offering extraordinary results both for internal and external use. . It contains more than 250 active substances such as vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, anthraquinones, monosaccharides, polysaccharides and enzymes. In Aloe shop we use the one with the highest concentration 200: 1 (out of every 200 kilos of plants a 1kg of pure extract is extracted), through biological processes for ecological consideration.

    Its moisturizing, regenerating, protective, calming, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antioxidant properties and much more make this plant unique in the world . 


    Environmental and lifestyle influences modify the epigenome (set of mechanisms that regulate the expression gene). The biological balance is disturbed, which accelerates aging.

    Natural compound by OLIGOSACCHARIDES of the calendula officinalis, which acts against aging that limits the modification of the epigenome resulting from the passage of time and external factors, thus allowing skin cells to adapt better to stress and live longer.

    Its global action increases the mechanisms involved in epigenetic regulation:

    1.- Modification of histones and miRNA expression.

    2.- It normalizes the synthesis of procollagen I and preserves the organization of elastin and fibrillin 1 fibers.

    3.- Softens the micro-relief of the skin

    4.- Reduce and increase the tone

    5.- Limits the signs of aging. 

    The EFFECT of OLIGOSACCHARIDS on the perceived subjective age significantly improves the perceived age, concrete studies have been conducted in volunteers and the average perceived age in the group of volunteers using these OLIGOSACCHARIDS was 4 years less than the same volunteers before treatment.

    VITAMIN E (Acts on wrinkles, blemishes, regenerating)

    The term vitamin E describes a family of eight related fat-soluble molecules, of which alpha-tocopherol has the highest biological activity and is the most abundant in the human body. Its main function in cells is to act as an antioxidant, protecting them from a series of highly reactive chemical agents called free radicals, which can attack and inactivate a wide variety of biomolecules, including proteins, nucleic acids and lipids.

    This vitamin traps free radicals present in cell membranes. The accumulation of damage caused by free radicals is one of the most probable causes of the aging process.

    Oxygen is a powerful oxidizing agent capable of inducing the generation of free radicals, hence the skin, being directly exposed to oxygen in the air, is particularly prone to the damage they cause. For this reason, there is a PERFECT NETWORK of antioxidant systems in the skin responsible for neutralizing the damage induced by the generation of free radicals, of which vitamin E is the most important.

    It turns out to be beneficial to treat photo dermatitis.

    Vitamin E aids the healing process; in sunburn treatments as a protector, scars, stretch marks, acne and wrinkles, accelerating cell regeneration. Helps maintain the skin's natural moisture. It acts as an antioxidant and supports and protects the antioxidant action of vitamin C.

    Its action strengthens the connective tissue, favors vascularization in it, favors skin regeneration and prevents the formation of wrinkles and senile spots.


    Active based on a new technology making use of sugar crosslinking agents, the three-dimensional molecular structure of Cassava adheres, spreads and quickly forms a visco-elastic film on the skin's surface. This stable cohesive glucan biopolymer extracted from (Manihot esculenta) produces an immediate lifting and smoothing effect in the area where it is applied. 

    It is characterized by an instrumental approach: Significant, fast tightening effect produced in just 0 minutes and for up to 4 hours after application.

    This biopolymer offers immediate softness and confers wrinkle properties for both young and mature skin. 

    HYALURONIC ACID APM (High molecular weight)

    Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a β-linked glycosaminoglycan-type polysaccharide that has structural function.

    Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in many tissues and organs of our body, such as in the connective tissue that supports the spine, in cartilage, in the synovial fluid of the joints or in our epidermis. With the passage of time, the presence of this substance decreases markedly, which causes, among other reasons, skin aging and, with it, the appearance of wrinkles, sagging or loss of firmness.

    One of the main properties of hyaluronic acid is its great ability to attract and retain water. For this reason, when used topically, it allows deep rehydration of the epidermis of the treated area so that its appearance is smoother and as its thickness and volume increase, the furrows of the skin also decrease. 

    It has been known since 1996, although it covers multiple needs, including reconstituting the fibers that support the skin tissues. Giving a better shape to the skin.

    Its use confers specific properties such as the recovery of skin elasticity, high hydrating power and water absorption, filler, healing and cell renewal.


    There are several types of Hyaluronic Acid, high molecular weight (BPM) and low molecular weight (BPM).

    Its characteristics of the incorporated in this treatment:

    APM: The high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (1 - 1.5 million Dalton) penetrates less deeply into the skin, however it has an extraordinary moisturizing capacity and a strong wrinkle smoothing effect. Its moisturizing effect is greater by forming a thin film on the skin (without being occlusive) that prevents dehydration.

    It has a strong wrinkle smoothing effect. Its ability to hold a huge amount of water prevents transcutaneous water loss by evaporation and therefore acts as a humectant. When buying Hyaluronic Acid you will be betting on a product with a high firming effect, tensor and smoothing power.


    Natural active ingredient obtained from the roots of  red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza ), rich in phenolic compounds, and salvianolic acid. Every day, external stimuli, such as weather and pollution, cause our skin to react excessively and especially on sensitive skin.

    Hyper-reactive and weakened skin causing stinging sensations, redness, burning and tightness.

    This botanical active is an active ingredient that is bio-inspired, to act as a soothing concentrate, red sage is a Chinese medicinal plant that is very resistant to cold. Thanks to its transverse action on the three biological components of skin sensitivity, this eco-designed natural active ingredient:

    Neutralizes neuronal hyper reactivity by inhibiting TRPV1, the key receptor for sensitive skin: Restores the quality of the skin barrier.

    Reduces inflammation of the skin.

    Tested on original live models, an improved tolerance threshold has been shown for sensitive skin exposed to cold or contamination.

    Its multi-ethnic effectiveness restores comfort and protection for Caucasian and Asian skin.

    A general calming solution, which we incorporate into our phytocosmetics to relieve sensitive skin and protect it from the active ingredients incorporated in each formulation.



    from organic farming - 100% natural and pure

    Lavender angustifolia hydrolate is known for its use in many formulas, it can be used pure. Its main properties are especially indicated for oily skin, skin with acne, skin with black pores, sebum regulator for both skin and hair, refreshing, anti-inflammatory, soothing, antiseptic and many more. Its aroma intoxicates and leaves skin very soft.

    Lavandula angustifolia water 

    Method of obtaining: steam distillation of floral tops of organic Lavender officinalis

    It contains natural allergens and the main one is linalool.


    It is obtained by steam distillation of the dried leaves of Hamamelis virginiana L, containing choline, mineral salts, phenolic compound, gallic and caffeic acids, gallic tannins (Hamamelitanino) and flavonic heterosides (mircetol, quercetol and kenferol).

    In witch hazel water cosmetics is justified for its  astringent, hemostatic and bactericidal properties for its content in gallates and tannins.

    Due to the presence of flavonic heterosides, it   has vasoconstrictor activity . It can be associated with lenitives, such as linden, chamomile, and astringent and anti-inflammatory drugs (horse chestnut, ivy) or healing agents such as yarrow or marigold.

    Essential in the formulation of facial toners for oily and seborrheic skin.


    Vegetable glycerin with a purity of 99%, derived from coconut, this asset is a great moisturizer, so its moisturizing effect is visible, it maintains the water level of the skin. Lubricant and natural vehicle that helps and achieves a greater penetration of assets.



    Me gusta por que es muy ligero y no me deja la piel pegajosa como otros, además se nota desde el primer día. Me funciona muy bien. Gracias

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    Aloe, Yucca and Red Sage Eye Gel

    Aloe, Yucca and Red Sage Eye Gel

    Exclusive cosmetic to alleviate the tone of dark circles, bags and gesticulation wrinkles that appear over time. PERFUME FREE.

    A careful and perfect look "Natural cosmetics to get handsome and feel good"

    Aloe, Yucca and Red Sage Eye Gel

    30,17 €